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UP Forum issue on UP’s Strategic Initiatives off the press

This is volume 16, number 1 of the bi-monthly UP Forum. In this special issue, UP President Alfredo Pascual gives updates on UP’s strategic initiatives, particularly on admissions system and policy; strengthening the faculty; modernizing pedagogy; transforming UP into a research-intensive university; unifying public service efforts; eUP and GreenUP; enhancing personnel benefits; and the UP budget. It also shows examples of ongoing and completed infrastructure projects of the University.
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The Dignity of Travel: The Cebu BRT Project

Photo from Cebu City BRT Facebook page photo album.
Complex urban transport problems warrant a continuous search for solutions. The need for mobility is a given in today’s cities where commute trips tend to become longer as a result of urban sprawl and the growing mismatch between residential and employment locations which result in more trips made in terms of volume and distance. With a growing middle class whose tendency is to acquire and use private cars as the main mode of travel and the existence of low-quality public transport services, traffic congestion worsens with its attendant economic and environmental externalities. …


When the Road Becomes a Parking Lot: A Hard Look at Metro Manila’s Traffic

Trust Pinoy wit to come up with the most appropriate name for the nightmare of bumper-to-bumper traffic within the metro: Carmageddon.1 Monsoon rains, road repairs, accidents, annual holidays, even a single misbehaving private or public utility vehicle can turn our roads into a virtual parking lot, while lines of people waiting to catch a ride on the MRT-3 snake down all the way to the sidewalks, and crowds of commuters spill over onto the middle of the street.
The financial costs of traffic congestion are staggering—P2.4 billion today, and likely to increase to P6 billion a day by 2030 if the …


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