Let the true will of the people prevail

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PAEP - MessageThree years ago, in the run-up to the 2013 elections, UP broke new ground as the first Philippine university to build a website for the elections.

We organized the UP sa Halalan 2013 to help promote an informed, clean, and honest election. This project had pioneering and novel features, such as fact-checking.

Our experts verified the candidate’s claims and propaganda, thereby helping voters make intelligent decisions.

We fielded our professors on various media platforms to help enlighten voters on electoral issues.

For the 2016 elections, we are expanding our horizons as we engage more members of the UP community.

This time, aside from our own faculty members, UP alumni from other universities and organizations here and abroad are on board.

Using media and other communication platforms, our experts will tackle issues such as the environment and climate change, agriculture and food security, poverty, migration, and many others, that are deemed relevant to our nation’s future, and thus, to the candidates’ program of government.

Our other campuses, such as, UP Los Banos, UP Baguio, UP Visayas, UP Cebu, and UP Mindanao, are embarking on their own activities related to the election.

We have signed Memoranda of Agreement with the country’s top media networks, including ABS-CBN and GMA, to extend our reach to voters nationwide.

Our students will also have quality participation through partnerships with us in helping young people achieve critical involvement in the elections.

To facilitate comparative assessment of competing candidates, we are working to host one presidential debate in a UP campus. This is apart from the various fora that we are lining up.

With our mantra, Mapanuring Mamamayan, sa Halalang Tapat at Makabuluhan, we are one with the Filipino people in their quest for meaningful elections.

Let us work together to hold our candidates accountable for what they say and help our voters make an informed choice in the 2016 electoral exercise.

Let the true will of the people prevail.