Memorandum No. PAEP 16-59: Mandatory Holiday Break for the year end of CY 2016

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memorandum-no-paep-16-59Let us all enjoy the holidays as 2016 ends with our family and loved ones. A mandatory holiday break will ensure the promotion of work and life balance for the UP faculty and staff, generate savings in utilities and maintenance, as well as promote efficiency with respect to time management and work planning.

Please disseminate and exercise due diligence for compliance with the following guidelines:

1. Mandatory holiday break: 23, 26, 27, 28 and 29 December 2016 (5 working days).
2. Kindly plan and schedule your work to ensure that all transactions and the relevant required reports are completed by Thursday, 22 December 2016.
3. All offices will be closed during the mandatory holiday break period except for units which need to operate with a small number of essential employees (examples: university health services, security and police services, emergency campus maintenance and sanitation, PABX).
4. Ensure safety and security of offices and building premises.

For employees reporting for work: computation of leave credits

1. Employees who exhausted their mandatory leave credits for 2016 shall charge these against their accumulated vacation leave credits. 2. Those with accumulated vacation leave of less than 10 days shall have the option whether or not to go on forced leave. However, officials and employees with accumulated vacation leave of 15 days who availed of monetization for 10 days shall still be required to go on forced leave (Reference: CSC MC No. 41 s. 1998).
3. Those who need to report for work must be given the appropriate tasks and submit the reports, or deliver the expected work outputs. A certification from the immediate supervisor that the assigned tasks were done should be attached to the Daily Time Record (DTR) or Certificate of Service (COS) for December 2016.

Alfredo E. Pascual

To download a copy of Memorandum No. PAEP 16-59, please click here.