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The Crises of Representation in the Philippines and the Role of Charter Change

Members of the House of Representatives pose for posterity following a five-hour orientation on the intricacies and art of being effective legislators, held on July 2013. Photos by G. Engay and P. Camero, Media Relations Service, House of Representatives.
The Aquino Administration would like to believe that it has made strides in improving transparency and accountability. While there is empirical support for this, corruption is not the only gripping problem of Philippine democracy. There is also a need to improve government responsiveness, political inclusion, and popular participation.
There is reason to believe that current political leadership has not paid attention to these …

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Philippine Feudal Society: The Pork in the Machine

Photo from wikicommons
On July 12, 2013, an expose by the Philippine Daily Inquirer set off a wave of explosions in the public sphere. As the mass and social media unraveled the knotty story of scandal, corruption, fraud and theft in the highest places involving amounts that beggar the phrase “mind-boggling,” Filipinos came together, united by a sense of anger and betrayal at this latest, egregious breach of public trust.
This mass outrage found expression in the Million People March on August 26. Thousands gathered in peaceful indignation rallies at the Luneta Park in Manila, and at other public venues in cities …

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