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NIP-RIKEN 1st Workshop
UP-NIP holds 1st NIP-RIKEN Joint Research Workshop
The University of the Philippines (UP) National ...
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Maria Margarita R. Lavides, an alumna of the UP National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG), bagged the Best Paper Award during the First International Conference on Multidisciplinary Filipino Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi (UH) at Hilo on 27-28 October 2017.
NCPAG alumna wins Best Paper Award in Hawai’i
Maria Margarita R. Lavides, an alumna of ...
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ASEAN-Korea Centre Secretary General Young-Sun Kim, keynote speaker, also participates in an open forum of the 2017 Korea-Philippines/Korea-ASEAN Partnership Forum, Philippines. (Photo by Bong Arboleda, UP MPRO)
Forum points to Philippines, et al. role in East Asia security
Given its re-balanced diplomatic relations with major ...
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oyster powder
Oysters you can sprinkle
You love oysters, but you hate all that brushing, washing, ...
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Team Philippines in the 11th IESO
An Earth Science Olympian and his road to France
When he was younger, UP Integrated School (UPIS) 12th grader ...
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Photo from the Facebook page of DepEd-PRIME (Philippines' Response to Indigenous Peoples' and Muslim Education), accompanying a short article about "The Story of Pamana Ka as Told by a Mangyan".
Math + culture for indigenous peoples
How do we take Mathematics out of classrooms and into ...
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IN MEMORIAM: November 2017
Our In Memoriam page carries details of faculty, staff and ...
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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Unilab Foundation Ideas Positive Run 8
Unilab Foundation’s Ideas Positive 8 is now open to accepting ...
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The University of the Philippines Los Baños is pleased to announce the upcoming XXII SHE 2017 International Conference on November 28 to December 1, 2017.
Society for Human Ecology (SHE) XXII International Conference 2017
The University of the Philippines Los Baños is pleased to ...
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Dr. Pablito Magdalita
Plant science for the people
He dreamed of becoming a doctor and now he is ...
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At the side of the main entrance of UP Baguio, in a kiosk underneath one of the many pine trees that mark UP’s northernmost campus, is an institution perhaps as beloved among the members of the UP community as the Oblation itself: a peanut vendor famously known as Nanay Mani.
The warmth and wisdom of Nanay Mani
At the side of the main entrance of UP Baguio, ...
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Lem conducting "photo ID" studies in southern Tañon Strait, identifying individual dolphins through scars, shape, and unusual pigments in dorsal fins. Photo courtesy of the UPD-IESM Marine Mammal Research and Stranding Laboratory
Swimming with the Dugongs
Marine mammals—such as whales, dolphins, dugongs—are descended from ancestors that ...
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