Office of the Vice-President for Planning and Finance

The position of the Vice President for Planning and Finance was formally established by the Board of Regents (BOR) during its 951st meeting on 26 April 1982.

On its 953rd Meeting on 29 July 1982, the BOR defined the core functions of the Vice President for Planning and Finance: “He shall exercise the powers and functions of the Vice President for Development and Public Affairs as provided for in Article 57 of the Revised Code of the UPS, quoted hereunder: He shall be directly responsible to the President for the planning of, and generating funds for development programs/projects and expansion of the University System; and for promoting close relations with the government, the alumni, the foundations, the private sector, and the general public.”

The Vice President for Planning and Finance shall perform the following powers and functions:

  1. Prepare and maintain a master plan for the development of the University System and its campuses;
  2. Advise, assist and coordinate campus development planning efforts;
  3. Formulate and maintain design, construction and maintenance standards for campus development, infrastructure, building, housing, open space, and other physical facilities;
  4. Develop policies for acquisition, use and disposition of campus lands;
  5. Conduct planning inventories and studies to assess the physical, manpower, and financial resources available or required for implementing development plans and projects of the System;
  6. Formulate and maintain financial and fiscal policies, plans and programs for generating funds for University programs and projects;
  7. Provide leadership and assist campuses in securing regular appropriations, endowments grants and other forms of income to support University programs; formulate and maintain policies and regulations for business enterprises engaged in by the University and its units or permitted to operate on University premises; and
  8. Maintain a list of projects which are considered important but which have been hitherto unfunded. This list shall be readily available for donors and other sources of funds.

During 1996 to 1999, the position of Vice President for Planning and Finance was transformed into two: Vice President for Finance and Administration and Vice President for Planning and Development. The corresponding functions were then divided between the two positions.

On its 1134th Meeting on 26 August 1999, the BOR approved the Reorganization of the University, wherein the Vice President for Finance and Administration and Vice President for Planning and Development were converted into: the Vice President for Planning and Finance, the Vice President for Administration and the Vice President for Development. Consequently, the BOR defined the functions and responsibilities of the Office of the Vice President for Planning and Finance as follows:

    1. To assist the autonomous universities (AUs) in the preparation of various planning documents, e.g., budget
    2. To coordinate the autonomous universities (AUs) in defining longer-term strategic plans or initiatives
    1. To prepare the budget proposal to be submitted to the National Government consistent with the plans formulated by the autonomous universities and units/offices attached to the Office of the President
    2. To work for the release of funds to the University by the National Government
    3. To assist in the preparation of the Internal Operating Budget for BOR approval consistent with plans formulated by the AUs and other Units
    4. To serve as Chair of the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee shall serve the following functions:
      1. Formulate policies for allocation of funds to AUs that are generated from the national government, from income and from other sources
      2. To formulate and recommend policies for re-programming of savings of AUs
      3. To formulate and recommend policies regarding student’s fees
      4. To monitor and coordinate budget activities of all autonomous universities
        1. To supervise the Cashier’s Office in their performance of Cash Operations
        2. To serve as the Chair of the Income and Investment Committee
        3. To perform portfolio management functions for system funds
          1. To supervise the system accounting office in their performance of financial accounting function
          2. To supervise the accounting office in their performace of Management Accounting function
          3. To develop and maintain the internal control system of the university
          4. To develop, maintain and regularly review a system-wide database for planning
  5. To perform all other functions to be assigned by the President

Executive Order No. FN-99-01-B, issued on 15 November 1999 delegated to the Vice President for Planning and Finance the authority on “letters to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) requesting for the following:

  1. issuance of notice of cash allocation;
  2. release of funds/allotment;
  3. cash release covering accounts payable by the CUs.”

As such, the functions and responsibilities of the Office of the Vice President for Planning and Finance as redefined in 1999 have continued to be implemented since then and remain effective to date.


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