Updates on the COVID-19 vaccination will be the focus of a UP “STOP COVID DEATHS” webinar on December 11, Friday at 12:00 noon.

To UP Users: Please be informed that there have been reports of scams impersonating University officials. Please do NOT entertain these emails or messages. This involves the scammer sending messages/emails and pretending to be an official, to ask for money or make payments to him/her or to a third party. Said messages/emails may be very […]

To accommodate students who were not able to submit SLAS Online applications requirements due to intermittent power supply and Internet in their area, SLAS Online opens its 5th round of applications for financial and learning assistance beginning on 28 November 2020.

The pandemic poses a challenge for the National Kidney and Transplant Institute, which has to deal with the influx of patients who have nowhere else to go for dialysis during the pandemic. The UP “STOP COVID DEATHS” webinar on December 4, Friday, at 12:00 nn., will focus on how the NKTI faces this challenge.

Tips on employment relations in telework, working from home & COVID-19 in webinar on December 3 and 4

Since COVID-19 has been running rampant across the world, many employees have withdrawn to their homes to work in order to help contain the virus. Teleworking enables them to fulfil work duties while avoiding personal contact with colleagues and preventing the spread of the disease. Although teleworking has long since been a common practice on a part-time or an occasional basis for some, shifting to working full-time in a home office poses a different challenge.