What is a struggling artist?

The years began with a child in Argao town, Cebu, finding escape from life’s difficulties in cartoons, which he would himself draw with skills he derived from a self-taught father. His father’s realistic and pragmatic style must have left the young Wyndelle with the notion that his art was not as serious. It must have been a proud moment for him to be recognized in high school for his talent for cartooning, which found an outlet in the editorial page of the school paper.

This bioinformatician is Teaching Filipinas to Code

A crowd of developers and engineers with laptops packed the small white room at the iAcademy in Makati City for the day’s workshop on data analysis and machine learning. The diverse audience contrasted with the fact that the event’s technical facilitators were all female. Casually dressed and with years of training behind them, the team featured UP molecular biologist Iris Diana Uy, who led participants last February through the meticulous process of slicing and merging arrays of data.

For some people in this unique office, a day at work means getting up at the break of dawn to sail off to a nearby reef, and spend the rest of the day on an island in the sun, the salt crusting on their arms. Some stay behind at headquarters, tending saltwater tanks where colorful marine creatures reside. On the waves or onshore, these workers have special skills meant to sustain life in our vast and resource-rich oceans.

A reverie of impressions (Photo by Jun Madrid, UP MPRO)

A high ceiling and sprawling walls provide the sheer vastness required by blown-up images of mounted paintings, such as those in Zean Cabangis’s body of work. This year’s edition of the world renowned Art Basel in Hong Kong provides the grandest of spaces for about 248 premier galleries from 32 countries and territories. According to a statement of Art Basel Hong Kong, it features “both historical material and cutting-edge works by established and emerging artists”, including Cabangis who is among other selected local artists representing the Philippines.

“They’re always surprised that a Filipino is doing plasma research, especially in relation to materials. ”This is a common reaction to Magdaleno “Jong” Vasquez Jr. when he meets foreign scientists. They’re even more surprised, he says, when he tells them that he works on ion sources. “And I’m working on low-energy ion sources when most are working on high-energy.”

Binibini 26 Wynonah Buot (Photo by Erwin Lim)

To say that beauty pageants are big in the Philippines would be an understatement. Year after year, millions are glued to their TV sets watching Filipinas compete on the international arena as beauty queens become heroes who dominate the national conversation. The battle, however, begins at home and two iskolars are among this year’s Binibining Pilipinas 2018 candidates, both of whom are striving to stand alongside powerful, elegant women such as Theresa Licaros, Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup, Ariella Arida, and Catherine Untalan.

She is just as honest as she was during her final question-and-answer portion at the Miss Universe contest in 2010. But this time, eight years later, she admits that she has a major, major problem when asked why she wanted to take up a master’s degree in Community Development. “I’ll be very honest with you,” says the towering Bicolana beauty Venus Raj. “I had no idea what Community Development was at first. Someone told me to enroll in it as I was interested in going back to my roots and serving the community. Those were the selling points for me,” she continued.