Office of the Vice-President for Planning and Finance


The Office of the Vice President for Planning and Finance (OVPPF) is headed by Vice President for Planning and Finance Joselito Florendo. an Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines Diliman Cesar EA Virata School of Business, Florendo brings with him years of valuable experience as former Assistant Vice President for Planning and Finance, Executive Director of the UP Provident Fund, Director of the University’s Budget Office, Chief Accountant of the University’s Accounting Office, Assistant Executive Director of the UP Foundation, Director of UP Diliman’s Business Concessions Office and Chair of the Department of Accounting and Finance at the Virata School of Business.

Florendo completed his International Master’s in Small and Medium Enterprises in 2005 at the Asia-Europe Institute of the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (with distinction). He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accountancy degree, cum laude, in 1992 at University of the Philippines Diliman and ranked 15th in the May 1994 Certified Public Accountants Licensure Examination.


Established by the Board of Regents on its 951st Meeting on 26 April 1982, the OVPF performs the following functions:

a. Prepare and maintain a master plan for the development of the University System and its campuses;
b. Advise, assist and coordinate campus development planning efforts;
c. Formulate and maintain design, construction, and maintenance standards for campus development, infrastructure, building, housing, open space, and other physical facilities;
d. Develop policies for acquisition, use and disposition of campus lands;
e. Conduct planning inventories and studies to asses the physical, manpower, and financial resources available or required for implementing development plans and projects of the System;
f. Formulate and maintain financial and fiscal policies, plans and programs for generating funds for University programs and projects;
g. Provide leadership and assist campuses in securing regular appropriations, endowments, grants and other forms of income to support University programs;
h. Formulate and maintain policies and regulations for business enterprises engaged in by the University and its units or permitted to operate on University premises; and
i. Maintain a list of projects which are considered important but which have been hitherto unfunded. This list shall be readily available for possible donors and other sources of funds.


For more information the OVPPF, please visit the  Planning and Finance Office website by clicking here or the picture below.