The Pelikula Lektura: UPFI Philippine Cinema Centennial Lecture Series aims to highlight key historical events and phenomena in Philippine cinema in the last 100 years and reflect upon what history can teach us for the next 100 years of our journey. The lectures will be presented by the leading scholars and respected critics & artists in the roster of the UPFI faculty and lecturers.

Versus Verses FlipTop as Counterculture

The University’s long and rich tradition of celebrating while studying the arts has allowed its sons and daughters to carve out their niche across art forms. UP has made its mark in mainstream and popular music, but it is also in these spaces where countrerculture has thrived. One of these emerging forms is rap battle, the modern Filipino balagtasan.

With the passage of the Philippine Mental Health Law or Republic Act 11036, the focus on mental health and related services has intensified. Signed last June 21, 2018, the law aims to integrate mental health care in the country’s existing systems. With institutional pathways already set within the University on matters concerning mental health, what are its biggest stakeholders initiating at their end?

Theater for community and nation (Photo by Bong Arboleda, UP MPRO)

At age 14, as a young theater enthusiast, Professor Glecy Atienza tried to convince high school principals to establish and maintain theater groups in their schools. During her lunch breaks, she would take a bus to Manila and speak to principals and convince school administrators to encourage students to experience theater by writing and performing.