Health workers being trained on the RxBox (Photo from

Unboxing the RxBox

In the UP Diliman infirmary, an annual physical exam means you go for the required tests from one department to ...
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Biotech Cacao (Photo by Misael Bacani, UP MPRO)

Waste to help trim your waist

If you think cacao is only good for making chocolate, think again. Scientists from UP Los Baños (UPLB) have discovered ...
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Don’t break the streak!

In both sports and politics the goal of the “clean sweep” is one that competitors continually aspire to. Victory by ...
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The cocosilk road to beauty

Who doesn’t dream of having clear, beautiful, young-looking skin? And who better to crack the beauty code than the country’s ...
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Flourish in the rubbish

Waste management has been a great challenge, especially in highly populated cities around the world. Nations have been creative now ...
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From giant shipworms to biofuels

This giant which lived inside long crusty tubes under the sea had eluded scientists for a very long time, earning ...
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