oyster powder

Oysters you can sprinkle

You love oysters, but you hate all that brushing, washing, and shucking. So you give yourself a little treat and ...
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Team Philippines in the 11th IESO

An Earth Science Olympian and his road to France

When he was younger, UP Integrated School (UPIS) 12th grader Adrian Jeremiah C. Bornilla would make it a point to ...
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Photo from the Facebook page of DepEd-PRIME (Philippines' Response to Indigenous Peoples' and Muslim Education), accompanying a short article about "The Story of Pamana Ka as Told by a Mangyan".

Math + culture for indigenous peoples

How do we take Mathematics out of classrooms and into the real world of work, tradition, and everyday life? Making ...
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UP Mindanao plant voucher specimens to be sent out for identification. (Photo by Bong Arboleda, UP MPRO)

The new herbalists

They say that one of the biggest life-savers in human history was discovered by accident. In 1928, Alexander Fleming's laboratory ...
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Too ripe, too soon? Fruitect it!

Attention, fruit farmers and exporters: there’s a new way to extend the shelf life of your produce! That’s right. UP ...
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Health workers being trained on the RxBox (Photo from

Unboxing the RxBox

In the UP Diliman infirmary, an annual physical exam means you go for the required tests from one department to ...
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