Be it on the lines, on the lanes, at the nets, on the courts, on the fields or on the floor, UP’s athletes have made history and a name in sports. While they may be struggling today to recover lost luster in some areas, the University’s Maroons were not named “Fighting” for nothing.

For those looking to get fit and to sweat it out in Quezon City, there are few destinations more scenic or iconic than the UP Diliman campus. Every day, thousands of people visit the 493-hectare campus, many with physical fitness in mind. Campus landmarks such as the Academic Oval, the National Science Complex and the […]

Years ago, when we underwent health examinations at the Infirmary before admission to any program in the University, we only worried about registering a normal body mass index, negative X-ray results, and no serious physical illness. Once we cleared these initial obstacles, we got the coveted stamp of “healthy” on our green health certificate. But is this all there is to being healthy? How do we define and set standards on overall health and well-being?

Lush, green, beautiful, serene, grand, open, free, wild and, perhaps to outsiders, a little bit odd. These are the words that are often used to describe many of UP’s 17 campuses. These are also, in a way, qualities expected of UP faculty, student, staff and alumni: the capacity to think independently and creatively, a beauty […]

While everyone wants a UP in his or her own backyard—the System now has eight constituent universities spread around the country from Baguio to Davao—the national university clearly can’t be as national as it could possibly be, given its limited resources. That said, it’s done its best to serve as many corners of the archipelago […]

There are physical activity prescriptions for different age groups in the Philippines. The Department of Health (DOH) published the Philippine National Guidelines on Physical Activity (PNGPA) in 2010. The PNGPA was formulated by experts from the World Health Organization, DOH, UP Diliman College of Human Kinetics, and Strength and Conditioning, Inc. It was benchmarked against […]