Creating a Nurturing and Healthy Diliman through PsycServ

For many freshmen, the privilege of being a UP student is an incomparable experience. Every year, thousands of hopefuls make a pilgrimage to their campuses of choice in the hope of eventually donning the iconic maroon-and-green. And for those who manage to get through, the promise of a new life is cause enough for optimism and celebration.

With the passage of the Philippine Mental Health Law or Republic Act 11036, the focus on mental health and related services has intensified. Signed last June 21, 2018, the law aims to integrate mental health care in the country’s existing systems. With institutional pathways already set within the University on matters concerning mental health, what are its biggest stakeholders initiating at their end?

“Life begins kapag hindi ka na nag-iinarte,” so the UP Mountaineers say. What could this actually mean for the longest running mountaineering organization in the country? Its forty years tell us how UP Mountaineers pioneered and sustained mountaineering as a consequential sport. More importantly, it showed how mountaineering is not just about literally reaching the summit, but going beyond it.

The current Chair of the UPV Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Committee, Mary Lyncen M. Fernandez, is a staunch advocate of health, fitness and wellness. “Six years ago, my blood chemistry was going through the roof. A doctor told me that I needed to take maintenance to control my blood sugar, uric acid, high cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure. I was a short, fat, middle-aged woman who weighed more than 80 kilos. I called myself ang babaeng walang leeg (the woman with no neck).”

Percival Balite Assistant Professor 1 Department of Human Kinetics College of Arts and Sciences UP Los Baños

It was PE 2 (wrestling) in UP Diliman in 2006. It was memorable for me because of its novelty. Our professor, Prof. Norberto Madrigal, was very well-versed in the sport, and his method of teaching was not only accommodating but was also patient. The class in itself, to me, was not just practical in engaging you physically and strategically; it also planted seeds for a budding competitive sport.