How did scenes in the film Heneral Luna rekindle our patriotic and nationalistic sensibilities? Or how did a line in the song “Bituing Walang Ningning” draw the Filipino audience to that showdown moment between Dorina and Lavinia in the movie of the same title? Most moviegoers probably don’t know it, but it’s the music that gives depth to cinematic storytelling.

Now on its 40th year, the UP Jazz Ensemble continues to swing as a band which does not only perform great jazz but also promotes the genre through its performances and collaborations with other organizations. Nearing his retirement from the university, the group’s bandleader, Prof. Rayben Maigue, looks back with fondness at what the ensemble has become in four decades.

Since Palma Hall does not have an elevator, I was particularly touched by the act of kindness and compassion of a group of security and custodial personnel who assisted a wheelchair-bound student, who suffers from muscle atrophy, by carrying him to his third-floor class in Palma Hall and carrying him back down to the ground floor after his class.