The mother language of West Visayas, Kinaray-a, and Aklanon which grew out of it, were once considered mere dialects of the vulgar and uneducated. But the literary history of West Visayas took a turn with the emergence of new literature written in Kinaray-a, Aklanon and Visayan-influenced Filipino.

The current Chair of the UPV Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Committee, Mary Lyncen M. Fernandez, is a staunch advocate of health, fitness and wellness. “Six years ago, my blood chemistry was going through the roof. A doctor told me that I needed to take maintenance to control my blood sugar, uric acid, high cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure. I was a short, fat, middle-aged woman who weighed more than 80 kilos. I called myself ang babaeng walang leeg (the woman with no neck).”

Showing their diploma folders proudly (Photo by Misael Bacani, UP MPRO)

UP Visayas (UPV) conferred degrees upon 1,086 graduates this year in two commencement exercises. The first was in Miagao, Iloilo where 840 graduates from the Miagao and Iloilo City campuses received their degrees on June 22. The second was on June 26 in Tacloban Leyte, where UPV Tacloban College (UPVTC) graduates numbered 246.