The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred innovation and transformation in the field of medical education. The 31st installment in the UP “STOP COVID DEATHS” webinar series will be a virtual international conference on medical education in the time of pandemic, to be held on Friday, 20 November, at 12:00 noon.

A 61-year old widow was diagnosed with colon cancer and due to worsening of symptoms sought medical and surgical care in the midst of the lockdown. Through her course of treatment, she develops COVID-19. Learn how this case was managed at the UP Stop COVID Deaths Virtual Grand Rounds Webinar Series tomorrow, October 16 at 12:00 NN (Manila Time).

The pandemic has disrupted training of doctors but the world still needs health professionals. The UP Stop COVID Deaths webinar series will tackle this issue in its first virtual international conference on Friday, October 9 at 12 nn.

An 18 year-old is admitted for a swollen left knee and upper thigh, most likely from a stray bullet. Emergency intervention is needed, but with the COVID pandemic, additional precautions are required to perform a complex orthopedic surgical procedure to save the patient’s leg. Learn about the management of such trauma cases at the 24th UP Stop COVID Deaths webinar on Friday, October 2, at 12:00 PM (Manila time).

Anesthesiologists risk getting infected themselves whenever they perform endotracheal intubation on COVID-19 patients to help them to breathe. The upcoming installment of the UP webinar series, “STOP COVID DEATHS: VIRTUAL GRAND ROUNDS”, set for Friday, September 25, at 12:00 nn will focus on how two anesthesiology teams handled the situation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused depression, anxiety, and other serious negative mental health effects that have led to an increase in suicide reports. The 22nd installment in the UP webinar series,“STOP COVID DEATHS: VIRTUAL GRAND ROUNDS”, will tackle the urgent national health crisis on top of the COVID-19 crisis—that of depression and suicide—on Friday, Sept. 18, at 12:00 nn.

Children with cancer are immunocompromised and are at greater risk of contracting severe COVID-19. The 20th installment of the UP webinar series “STOP COVID DEATHS: VIRTUAL GRAND ROUNDS” will take a deep dive into the case of a young child with leukemia who was diagnosed with COVID-19. The webinar will be held this Friday, Sept. 4, at 12:00 n.n.

Six months since its designation as one of the NCR’s COVID-19 referral hospitals, the UP Philippine General Hospital has learned several lessons in terms of providing care to COVID patients and protecting its healthcare workers. The UP PGH will be sharing these lessons in the 18th installment of the UP webinar series, “STOP COVID DEATHS”, the firstever virtual national town hall meeting for hospitals in the country, to be held on August 21, 12:00 nn.

Infection and inflammation are processes that come into play in some high-risk COVID-19 patients. Follow the case of one patient in whom COVID-19 has led to the blood clots and swelling in a leg in the 17th installment of the UP webinar series “STOP COVID DEATHS: VIRTUAL GRAND ROUNDS” this Friday, Aug. 14, at 12:00nn.