The UP Forum was created to serve as a venue for University-focused and University-related think pieces. Appearing quarterly, it’s different from a newsletter or a research journal; it was meant to talk about issues important to the University community—not just the faculty or administration, but also the students, the staff, and even the campus […]

  Background Mindanao is home to diverse communities, with 13 ethno-linguistic groups and around 30 Lumad groups. Of its total population of 25.73 million, some 18 percent are Muslims and approximately 5 percent are Lumad; the rest are migrants and their descendants. Females comprise half of the population. Hence, by sheer number, women are a […]

Take a look at some of the data showing the plight of Filipino workers, factors that compel thousands daily to leave the country for jobs abroad, and their proposed solutions to identified problems.

UP takes pride in being a haven of liberalism, open-mindedness and independent thinking, but it is still no stranger to instances of discrimination and harassment. Here is a brief snapshot of life in UP for members of the LGBTQ community.

Non-UAAP athletes are often overlooked in UP because of the UAAP’s prominence in collegiate sports. But getting to know some of them makes the argument for equal recognition within the University community.